Cans & Megabus – Your indispensable guide ahead of Sunderland’s trip to Wycombe Wanderers!

It’s 2022 everyone, there’s sweet lady Covid everywhere and Sunderland are making their first trip of the new year down to some loser League One hellhole. However, this isn’t just any loser League One hellhole, this is divorced Dad rockstar Gareth Ainsworth’s loser League One hellhole!

And, my word, will it be a big day for those long, flowing locks. The Sky cameras will be there, so old Gaz can undo another button on that skin-tight shirt, whack on his charm necklace he got from backpacking across Bali, and extol the virtues of how great it is to manage “little old Wycombe Wanderers”.

It isn’t just INXS-lover Ainsworth that recognises what a big day it’ll be, the club themselves proudly proclaimed that not only had they sold out all their executive boxes but they’d also, wait for it, SOLD OUT THE CAR PARK!!!! Well done, Wycombe. Well done, everyone.

Wycombe are forever that annoying team that has players saying stuff like “this is our house”, when referring to a football ground sandwiched between an industrial estate and a meadow, and claiming they can’t afford to play during a pandemic… except a few play-off games.

They’re one of these teams I wish for us never having to play again, mainly because it’s so bloody far away and so I never have to watch them attempt to time-waste 14 minutes into a game. Leave that kind of loser behaviour to “the cycling goalkeeper” Ben Foster.

How Do I Get There?

For you absolute lunatics driving all the way to High Wycombe for a 12.30 kick off, you need to take the A1(M), M1 and M40 to junction 4. Once there, take New Road and follow the signs for Adams Park. Parking is not available at the ground because it’s SOLD OUT!

Legends that are getting up at 4am to take the train to Wycombe, the nearest train station is High Wycombe, which is about a 50-minute walk away. Best bet is to jump in a taxi to ground or try getting the number 32 bus, like a loser.

What’s the Ground Like?

I’ll tell you what the ground is like, buddy! It’s bloody sold out, that’s what it is! Car park is too! Also, some of the stands are sponsored by an ice cream company, so that’s nice.

Yer thirsty?

Like most grounds in this hellhole of a division, drinking establishments close to Adams Park are in short supply. However, there are a number of acceptable hostelries in the town centre. Cans & Megabus’ premier pick is Mad Squirrel Tap on Church Street, which does an excellent of fancy craft beers.

There’s also the classic go-to’s of O’Neills on Paul’s Row, The Antelope on Church Square or The Three Tuns on High Street, all of which definitely sell beer.

What’s This Place Like?

If you like wading through an industrial estate of ice cream makers and hardware shops, then come on down to Wycombe!