Sunderland’s managerial situation needs to be sorted, and sorted imminently

Imminent (adj) – coming or likely to happen very soon.

On June 7, Sunderland AFC informed supporters that the club ‘hoped to appoint the next Head Coach of our great Club imminently’. Why that statement was even released was questioned, presumably because they’d gone over 100 days without having a manager, and people were quite rightly, getting a bit sick of it.

If an appointment truly was imminent, why not just make the appointment? Releasing a statement saying so was, at best a misplaced confidence in a candidate taking the job, and at worst, a blatant lie to try and pacify some of the fans who are with each passing day becoming more annoyed at the situation.

An exterior shot of Sunderland's Academy of Light training ground
Sunderland’s Academy of Light, where a manager would be unveiled had we appointed one to unveil

The situation is absolutely farcical. It is a complete disgrace that the club has no manager. Two wins in 15 at the end of last season was shocking, the club on a downward spiral since the decision to remove Tony Mowbray from his position last December – and the continued refusal to sign a centre forward.

Mike Dodds is still sticking around, presumably turning his phone off as the “u up?” message from Kristjaan Speakman edges ever closer. How Sunderland have ended up in this situation, quite willingly, is absolutely remarkable.

There are managers now that people probably didn’t even want, unwilling to come to the club. Liam Rosenior, an appointment I’d have been fine with but not one to set the world alight, the latest to pull out of the worst race of all time.

The complete joke that has been the pursuit of an unproven Will Still has so far been without fruition and any name linked is batted away as a non-starter within about 25 minutes.

It is a complete debacle, and it is the latest one in a growing line. Last season was crap. Rubbish. The slide down the table was alarming, and taking the manager situation out of it, the squad isn’t good enough.

It needs serious work, and the guy that’s supposed to do that is currently spending his time easily convincing every manager you can name that the Sunderland job probably isn’t for them.

Times they are concerning. Sort it out.