Wise Men Rant – Your Say On SAFC

With Sunderland AFC once again in turmoil, we though we’d give you the opportunity to let off some steam. First up is Sam Jones.



I’m fed up with being the laughing stock.


The reasons why Sunderland are struggling once more range from the board and the manager to the fans and the tea lady, yet one thing’s for sure, I’m fed up of it.


For me, one factor that’s under emphasised in this whole debacle is just how poor some of our current playing staff are. No matter how many changes are made on a weekly basis, it’s almost impossible to field a side that doesn’t contain at least 3 or 4 awful players.


In the past I was critical of some Sunderland players, but even they look exceptional in comparison to the current crop. The Hull City and Villa games were indicative of just how bad we’ve become. Poyet has seemingly lost his way, whilst the playing staff have abandoned their pride and self-respect. Given how diabolically bad some of these footballers are, the very least you’d expect is a bit of effort.


Of major concern is the recent Safc recruitment. Players like Buckley, Gomez, Vergini, Bridcutt and Alvarez were never likely to succeed at Sunderland, not just because they aren’t that good, but because they don’t demonstrate enough passion. Players like Larsson and Cattermole have shown that if you put effort in on a regular basis, you’ll be appreciated, even if the quality isn’t always there. Let’s face it though, effort should be a prerequisite—look at what it’s done for Burnley.


It is true that the setup at the top of the club is rather questionable, and the current management shambolic, yet the sheer lack of measurable commitment from the players is what is repeatedly getting us in this situation.


I was one of the few left at the end of the Villa game singing “I’m Sunderland till I die”, because I am. The fans are the lifeblood of this football club and were here long before the current players and will remain long after they’re gone. The fans are one of the few aspects of the club to receive praise in recent years and your importance as supporters cannot be overstated. Don’t forget that.


Sam Jones