Wise Men Rant – An American View On SAFC

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More questions than ranting from our latest contributor, John Ellington. He writes from the USA…most of us are born supporting the Lads, but he chose us! He’s a member of NASA (the SAFC version!). Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him and some of our other overseas fans in the near future. Anyway onto his SAFC thoughts…I’m sure he’d appreciate some answers to his questions, but most of us are probably still searching for them…



Relatively new fan from the states, learned in last 2 years that being a fan is a roller coaster ride. (Understatement). Wow. Is it me or does almost any move provide hope? I was feeling hopeless then I read the echo articles today —and said to myself – maybe three points this weekend. Sounds ok considering the last few days. False hope? Should I ready myself for a letdown?