Sunderland Echo – Wise Men Say Analysis – 21/11/14 – Sunderland v Leicester preview

Today’s piece comes from Stephen Goldsmith.


MOST Premier League managers resent the international break.


Regardless of how you as a fan feel about it, it’s not hard to see why.


Many times we’ve witnessed key players return to their clubs with serious injuries and it’s natural for some selfishness to prevail in such situations.


Thankfully for Gus Poyet, and for us fans, Steven Fletcher should be ok after taking a knock for Scotland.


Gus admitted he was very welcoming of the latest break from domestic football, which in itself speaks volumes about the current state of the Sunderland squad.


While most fans and managers across the country were probably wishing their lives away in anticipation for this weekend, the Black Cats gaffer was possibly lamenting the fact some of his injured players didn’t have a little extra time to recover.


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