Sunderland Echo Column: Sunderland boss must find a way to win

Today’s piece comes from Gareth Barker.


WE’RE all familiar with the following horror movie cliché; the main protagonists find themselves somewhere where they shouldn’t be.


In a darkened forest, the path forks two ways.


They’ll take the wrong one, and as they walk towards their impending doom the music gets louder and louder.


“Gustavo Poyet, it’s all our fault” rang out from large sections of disgruntled support at Valley Parade as a Sunday matinee of horrific proportions played out in front of them.


It’s a retort sparked by some of the manager’s comments in recent weeks.


Some, in fairness to him, weren’t relayed in full context. This in turn has led to an ill-advised attack on the press.


If you get the fans on your back, you’re onto a loser.


Adding the press to an already weighty load isn’t going to make life any easier for the Uruguayan.


The only thing that can rescue Poyet now is results.


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