Sunderland Echo Column: Poyet must take big opportunity at Bradford

Today’s piece comes from Stephen Goldsmith.


I MADE some ramblings in my last column about a week being a long time in football. Ain’t that the truth?


I think if we use that very sentiment as some sort of rationale guide, then it’s fair to say Sunderland fans shouldn’t force themselves into some sort of irreversible panic because we were the side who eventually came up short in a home game to QPR.


That first half was rotten though, of course it was.


Now I’m not one to boo the team, especially during the game, but I can’t accept that the performance or current predicament (if there is one) can, or should, be blamed on that.


I actually thought our fans did very well in the second half to try and get behind the side.


I can’t lie, however, and pretend it doesn’t frustrate me at times when the players’ attempt to keep the ball is met with groans of needless impatience.


But what I would say is that I think it’s bordering on insulting to suggest our players matched the visitors’ effort in the first 20 minutes on Tuesday.


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