Sunderland Echo Column: New blood needed as Sunderland are still too predictable

Today’s piece comes from Stephen Goldsmith.


AFTER the elation from events on Tyneside pre-Christmas, I’m left a little disappointed with what we’ve witnessed since then.


It isn’t alarming; I think we’ll comfortably avoid relegation and Gus is still the man to take us forward in my eyes, but certainly some points have slipped from our grasp in the league.


And even though we were comfortable against Leeds in the FA Cup yesterday without getting out of second gear, some of the same old problems reared their ugly head.


Who has the answers? The solution to really opening teams up?


Most fans prior to the game exclaimed that Giaccherini and Alvarez needed to play. Well, they did play but were we any better?


We controlled the game and created chances, but did we look really threatening?


For all Giaccherini’s industriousness and Alvarez’s sublime touches, there was a creative spark STILL missing.


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