Sunderland Echo Column: Let’s Not Take Foot Off The Gas

This week’s column came from Stephen Goldsmith.


As our collective heart rates calm down and the blood reclaims alcohol’s presence in our partied-out bodies, it’s time to wake up to the realities of Premier League survival again. The joys and elation of that ridiculously one-sided 1-0 win will live on with us forever, even when the law of averages dictates we can no longer defeat one particular side time and time again.


But, let’s be frank here, this is a relegation battle still and tomorrow is a vital game. Anybody who suddenly thinks a corner has suddenly been turned needs to cast their eyes back to when Paolo Di Canio rolled into town as the new saviour, re-energizing a side that had played with its shackles on for too long, beating them lot up the road in the process.



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