Season Ticket Cancellation Email Template

As we mentioned on the most recent podcast, we have prepared a letter template for supporters to use should they wish to inform the club they no longer wish to renew. The email address you require is

Feel free to edit to your taste…

To whom it may concern,

I am emailing to confirm I wish to cancel my Direct Debit for my 2020/21 season card.

As per the statements issued on the club website, I trust my seat (INSERT SEAT DETAILS) will be reserved and my black cat points (INSERT CURRENT NUMBER OF BLACK CAT POINTS) will not be affected.

I appreciate you will be dealing with a high level of correspondence and requests, but an email acknowledgement of my seat being reserved, my Black Cat Points not being affected and confirmation my Direct Debit has been cancelled, at your earliest convenience, would be greatly appreciated.

My customer details are as follows:

Customer number: XXXXXX
Address: XXXXXX

I would like to put on record my thanks to the Ticket Office staff for dealing with my request.

Separately, if by any chance you are collating information on why supporters have chosen not to renew their season card, I would like to make my reasoning clear. Unfortunately, I believe that the decisions made by the club with regards season ticket renewals are totally out of step with a club that rewards loyalty and instead reflects an ownership who view supporters as customers and little more.

To be asked to commit hundreds of pounds, with no potential refund, to watch an online stream of football would be insulting enough, but is made especially so given that it is a request made by a club whose owners removed £20.5m of assets from Sunderland AFC. The money the club’s current owners previously owed to the club – and still claim they will pay back – would far outstrip an entire season’s worth of ticketing income from supporters. They have repeatedly told fans that the money will be paid back to the club when it is needed. If that time is not now, then when? If my club’s owners are unwilling to commit funds they have previously promised, I cannot, in any good conscience, commit my own money to support their ownership.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,