Five In A Row: The Last Of Your Derby Day Memories:

Alright, alright, it’s all about Crystal Palace now and we’re not ones wanting to sound “obsessed” or anything by daring to mention the Newcastle win for longer than five minutes. But, we’re gonna squeeze in the final couple of your derby day experiences just to wrap things up.


If you feel like you have anything interesting to share with us about SAFC then drop us an email at and if we like it we might publish it. Fair craic innit? Eh?


The first derby experience comes from John Ridley.


“For the first time in many a year I haven’t felt nervous. Up early on Easter Sunday. Shirt on straight away. Dancing round the house with my two year old son singing songs about shearer and a 50p flute.


Game time came and it was a fine alcoholic establishment in sunny Bournemouth that was my location. I was on my own and, you wouldn’t believe it, but it was full of mags, all with their shirts on! In Bournemouth? I know, I know.


Keeping myself to myself, I went and sat right bang smack in the middle of them- much to their dismay. Quiet game until one minute added time in the first half. DEFOEEEEEEE! I was told by the landlord he’s never heard an eruption like it at. Quiet geordies and probably 100 people thinking what is going on here.


I take the comment by the landlord as a compliment, as the previous week the rugby was on I though the cheer was loud then. But to be told on my own they’ve never heard a noise like that was class. A credit to all fans at the game. The only problem I had was that I was not there in person.


Staggered home singing all the songs I know the words to and in a state. Now, I’m not a religious man by any means, and Christmas was good for reasons, you know, but my Easter was even better.


From a happy Mackem down south! FTM 5 in a row”.


Next up, we have an account from another exiled Mackem, unless he’s not a Mackem and just supports Sunderland, who knows (or cares, probably). Aiden Clucas is in Birmingham and he’s talking in real terms here – a fitting end to publishing accounts of supporter jubilation. Spoil sport.


“Winning 5 in a row was great. But Newcastle were terrible, not just saying that because of the rivalry but they played awfully. People are praising PVA and Jones for their attacking prowess whilst still defending well… because they had nowt to defend.


Also it seemed to be a similar case of everything being good apart from the finishing touch. We should have been far out of sight by FT, maybe even before HT.


Not that I don’t love the fact we won, and I’m still buzzing, especially from that wonderful goal. But I still feel we need to remember we managed to play well against a woeful side. Palace will be the true test of our team, and of our full backs.
HOWEVER, Advocaat isn’t silly, and I believe he isn’t a Poyet, a Van Gaal, etc, a follower of a “philosophy” (think you may have mentioned this on the 5 In A Row show). Advocaat will be better prepared and will be more concerned with putting square pegs in square holes, than turning the square hole into a pentadecagon.
I’m hopeful, but I’m not getting ahead of myself. That was a beautiful goal. Now lets see some tap ins and headers and beat Pardew for the a different kind of 5 in a row!”
Ok, thanks to the lads for that. Now, you there, still smiling about Sunday, stop it. Right now. How dare you?