Durham Times Column: Poyet needs to think before he speaks

Today’s piece comes from Stephen Goldsmith.


NB: This was written before the open letter…


WE ALL know the old theory about the truth coming out when you’re drunk. It’s always fascinated me as a concept, really.


Do we actually mean the drunken things we say, or does our psychological state dictate that we exaggerate because our inhibitions are lowered?


Whatever the psychological reasons actually are, we always regret acting in a certain way the next morning. Alcohol makes our better-judgement radar as wonky as our balance but it doesn’t stop us reoffending at a later date. I think this relates to how Gus Poyet acts in his post-match press conferences.


I’m not implying Gus sits with a bottle of vodka stashed in the kit bag before anyone at the club tries to sue me. But there’s something about the adrenalin of a football game that possesses him and digs out his deep inner-thoughts. He probably does think lots of fans are idiots at times with their moaning during the game.


He probably also thinks the media can be manipulative with their headlines and narratives.


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