Durham Times Column: “For a supposed hotbed of football, it doesn’t half feel like it’s taken an ice bath in recent years”

Today’s piece comes from Craig Clark.


SINCE Newcastle returned to the Premier League, the build up to each derby game seems to lessen in its intensity.


I’d say it’s just me, but I work in the heart of Newcastle and given I do little but talk about football, it’s been surprisingly unsurprising how little derby day has come up in conversation. Like the reverse fixture in December, perhaps it’s just a slow burner.


Maybe Newcastle fans have been chastised a little by their recent run of form in the derby, but despite our four wins a row, I certainly don’t feel particularly confident let alone arrogant myself.


While they have little to play for, I’m sure the Mags would relish ending our current run of victories at the Stadium of Light on Sunday, and in turn plunge us deeper into relegation trouble.


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