Don’t Dare Enjoy Football Anymore – It’s Small Time To Like Things

You know what I’m sick of hearing? How football fans shouldn’t enjoy this and that. Sunderland fans shouldn’t celebrate safety or the demise of their rivals. Arsenal fans shouldn’t revel in finishing above Spurs because finishing second for the first time in over a decade isn’t good enough. Spurs fans shouldn’t be pleased with a top three finish, despite the fact they rarely get into the Champions League, let alone finish in an automatic qualifying spot, because they fell below their rivals at the final hurdle.

The Lads

Manchester City fans on the other hand, are told they’re a disgrace for not hanging around to clap a manager who won them some trophies, while also being told their team is a disgrace and has woefully underperformed this season. What are they supposed to do, boo and whistle while simultaneously singing, dancing and worshipping Pellegrini?


Are we ever allowed to have fun? Football fans are often criticised for being too demanding, yet here we are being told that we should demand more. Or, in the case of City, demand more but also show unending gratitude for apparent “failure” – winning three trophies in three years isn’t failure by the way, and their team is nowhere near as bad as people make out.


We’ve been criticised for accepting mediocrity at Sunderland by celebrating survival. Last season, those who left early during embarrassing home defeats to the likes of Aston Villa and Crystal Palace, weren’t supportive enough. Show support for your team – small time; walk out in protest and disgust – not supportive enough.


There’s enough misery in football without not enjoying the little things at the end of another long, hard season, with more downs than ups. Sunderland supporters are too often treated to football that is best described as shite, so when they team turns up and does us proud, that alone is worth celebrating. It’s what makes this a special club. Give us something to shout about, anything, and we’ll be right behind them, cheering a throw in with a roar that would befit a stadium celebrating winning the Premier League.


So you know what? Fuck ‘em. If Spurs had finished second, they’d be sure to let Arsenal know about it. Man City fans don’t owe anything to anyone – when did this manager leaving speech become a thing anyway? – and can get on with supporting their team next season. And whatever they say, the Mags would be absolutely revelling in it had they sent us down, so make sure you stick the boot in. Enjoy the moment lads and lasses.


Craig Clark