Cans & Megabus – Your Indispensable Guide To Blackpool

Tom Walsh is back with your must-read guide to the beautiful seaside resort of Blackpool

We’re going to Blackpool so any excuse to revisit an old classic.

How Do I Get There?

Kick 2023 off in the very best way by driving to Blackpool. Take the A1(M) down to Scotch Corner then join the A66 and then A685 heading west. Take the M6 south to Preston and exit at junction 32 and the M55 to Blackpool. Follow this all the way into Blackpool and the ground will appear on your right. There’s a big old car park on Seasiders Way near Blackpool South station where you can park.

Sat nav losers: FY1 6JJ

While Blackpool South is the nearest station to Bloomfield Road, if you’re on the train you’ll most likely arrive at Blackpool North station which is about a 25-minute walk to the ground.

What’s the Ground Like?

Gone are the days where away fans would have their pick of Bloomfield Road, the Tangerine faithful are back so we can’t be treated to 8,000 tickets. The stadium has all the hallmarks of “we were in the Premier League once and couldn’t be fussed finishing the expansion”, with three connected stands and one temporary (now permanent) stand.

And guess where the away fans are? You guessed it, one half of that temporary stand, how very exciting.

Yer thirsty?

Let me level with you here, I have tried on numerous occasions to find an acceptable pub in Blackpool but it is quite difficult. Prior to our game at Fleetwood on New Year’s Day in 2020, I had possibly the worst pint of Guinness of my entire life in the local O’Neills, given what was to happen in the rest of that year maybe that should’ve been a warning.

However, I am forever a consummate professional so I’ll endeavour to find a suitable establishment for all you lovely people. A short walk from the ground you’ll find Bloomfield Brewhouse on Ansdell Road, which is a decent enough option for you lot dropped near the stadium. While Shickers Micro Pub on Waterloo Road is a decent option for anyone arriving at Blackpool South station.

In terms of the town centre, you can pretty much take your pick. The Albert & The Lion on the seafront close to Blackpool Tower is one of the nicer Wetherspoons I’ve frequented. The Counting House on Talbot Square and The King Edward VII on Central Drive are also ‘decent’ options.

Or, yer know, spend your afternoon in a karaoke bar or summat, there’s loads of those about.

What’s happening in Blackpool?

I’m going to guess some kind of karaoke and some cabaret acts in one of the many, many, many dreadful establishments.