Cans & Megabus – Your indispensable guide to Blackburn Rovers (A)

Tom Walsh is back with your must-read guide to Ewood Park

Yes, I know there wasn’t a Cans & Megabus for Swansea and yes, I know you were wandering around South Wales with no sense of what to do because your favourite columnist wasn’t there to help. But, hey, we’re back now and we’re going to Blackburn.

I don’t know what it is about Blackburn but, as a club, they’re one of Cans & Megabus’ favourites. I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s their halved blue and white shirts or maybe it’s because they dwell in a little cosy corner of Lancashire. It may be that whenever I think of Blackburn, I see them bodying Manchester United back when football seemed a little simpler.

The halcyon days of watching hours of Premier League Years and seeing the likes of Jason Wilcox, Stuart Ripley and Jeff Kenna destroy the top league in the land, all bankrolled by nice man Jack Walker, were actually quite joyous. Ewood Park, too, has that kind of nostalgic feel for 1990s innocence and when £15 million for a footballer seemed absolutely outrageous.

That being said, I have never been to Ewood Park when it’s not been absolutely freezing and some kind of sideways rain lashing in your face. Since we’re all going on a Tuesday night in October, I can’t see it being any different, but that’s what it’s all about, right?

How Do I Get There?

If you’re driving, take the A1(M) to Scotch Corner then onto the A66, A685 before joining the M6 at Tebay. Follow this all the way down to junction 9 before joining the M65 heading towards Blackburn. Exit at junction 4 onto the A666 and follow the signs for Ewood Park. There’s plenty of parking available around the ground.

Sat nav losers: BB2 4JF

Blackburn railway station is about a mile and a half from the ground so you can either walk or take the number 1 bus.

What’s the Ground Like?

Some of you clearly reading the intro, shame on you. If there is one thing I can guarantee about your trip to Ewood Park is that it’ll be freezing. Even in the height of summer, the stadium generates its own microclimate ensuring that it will be at a constant state of 4°C with the wind whipping in your face.

The good thing about the ground is that Blackburn always give teams like ourselves a healthy allocation, so you can belt out the tunes in the Darwen End.

Yer thirsty?

Blackburn do put on some kind of loser fanzone at the ground, so if you want to stand outside on a Tuesday night in October drinking expensive Carling from a plastic cup, then knock yourself out. The traditional away fans’ pub is The Fernhurst on Bolton Road, about a stone’s throw from Ewood Park.

In the town centre, both the Adelphi (Railway Road) and The Drummer’s Arms (King William Street) are decent places to while away an afternoon. While The Postal Order (Darwen Street) provides all your Wetherspoons needs.

What’s happening in Blackburn?

There’s probably a farmer’s market or something during the day, I imagine.