All we ask for is the truth, Sunderland

In light of the structured dialogue held between Sunderland and supporters’ group Red and White Army, along with reports today in the Sunderland Echo and the Chronicle, Wise Men Say are left wondering whether the club could answer this simple question:

Who owns what percentage of our football club?

We ask Sunderland AFC to be open and honest with supporters and to reveal the true picture about the ownership of the football club.

While the dialogue between the club and supporters should be welcomed, it should be remembered that the purpose of this dialogue was always intended to be a way of bringing transparency into the club’s operations.

The answers supplied in the most recent meeting are anything but transparent.

We applaud our local written press in Phil Smith and James Hunter in writing about the issue this week – this was always a legitimate question and a matter worthy of discussion.

As long as the previous owners remain involved in any shape or form Sunderland fans will have a sense of unease, and that unease is intensified by the opacity over the shareholdings.

James Hunter


Sunderland AFC is not just a sporting club but a community institution, and it is fundamentally right that supporters know who owns and who is therefore accountable for its performance and decision making.

Phil Smith

As Sunderland fans, we’ve been burned before – all we ask for is transparency, all we ask for is the truth.

Haway the Lads.