Wise Men Rant – Your Say On SAFC

More spleen venting, this time from Peter Stamp. The target of his ire is Southern journalists and their perception of our expectations. We think he’s spot on…


Once more I heard some (southern) journos spouting the ‘what do the Sunderland fans expect’ predictably patronising nonsense.



Well… having watched my first game in the mid-50s, I can tell them what I expect – it’s very little indeed.  But what I hope for, yearn for, is mid-table mediocrity.  That’s my dream – my seemingly unobtainable fantasy is for us to struggle to the heights of bland obscurity.  Because – my southern journo friends – that would be a real achievement for this club.



Since that first game, nearly 60 years ago, we have won one trophy.  We have been in Europe for one season.  Once.  (Meanwhile of course, I have had to watch Newcastle in Europe …and Fulham …and Stoke …and…)  Add a couple of 7ths and a couple of losing finals and that’s it, boys.


This year’s average home gate is phenomenal given our dire form.  Likewise, our away support.  I don’t go these days, (money and location), but well done to those loyal and true supporters who do (who don’t expect, but just hope and dream such modest dreams as I do.)



We’re not cursed – there’s no such thing.  But it is about time we reached those dizzy mid-table heights.



Hey, look – it’s a new dawn!


Peter Stamp