Wise Men Rant – Your Say On SAFC

A Mr.P Donnelly sent us more of an emotive rant. He’s been a SAFC fan as long as he can remember. In his infancy he remembers the days of Quinn and Phillips, and hated our ‘yoyo’ club status. But he’s finally had enough; “We’re a laughing stock and I’m sick of it, I want us to be a team that teams fear (Apart from Newcastle!)”


He’ll have happy memories of Gus, but ultimately feels he blew it…



“When Poyet came in, first home match was the derby and beating them was amazing. Poyet was promising a lot of things that we heard before but it seemed we were actually doing these things. I still get shivers down my back when I watch the Capital One cup semi final at Old Trafford. That night was amazing for every Sunderland fan everywhere, we were going to Wembley, I sadly never got tickets but the feeling was incredible when you heard Vito Mannone’s name being sang as he saved that penalty.


Then came the second 0-3 days after the semi final. I honestly thought he was the guy.


When Borini scored in the cup final just shouted and jumped around the room. First Sunderland player to score in a final in 40 years. I dared to dream and my goodness we were half way there. It then all fell apart during the second half but I was proud to be a Sunderland fan that day and won’t ever forget that day.


The great escape was wonderful. I think his greatest moment was the defeat of Manchester United, again at Old Trafford. We tore them apart on their own turf. I think at that point Gus had his team, the team HE wanted and it worked.


The Borini chase was a farce, and I couldn’t understand why Gus let it go on so long.


Personally the 8-0 was the end of Poyet in my opinion, completely shocked him and made him too nervous to lay an attacking brand of football going forward. Maybe Gus would have gone sooner if we hadn’t have beaten Newcastle?


The results, plus the Johnson situation, really piled the pressure on Gus and he couldn’t cope with it. The Aston Villa was shocking, almost broke my keyboard in temper just because I was so disgusted by it! Gus had his chance and blew it; after that game I’m glad he’s gone.


So who do we get now? I don’t want Harry Redknapp or Hoddle, I want Klinsmann or Cappello. We need someone experienced, someone with a good track record over the last few years.”


P Donnelly