Your Say: Looking For Inspiration On The Bench, But Only Finding Fletcher

Steven Barker got in touch with his thoughts on Saturday’s defeat at Old Trafford. Any encouragement he took from the early stages of the game soon evaporated in a Steven Fletcher shaped puff of smoke. Read his account below and if you want contribute, remember the email address is

I was encouraged by the first half performance but nothing really to get carried away with. I knew that any slim chance of a come back had gone when I saw Fletcher coming on at half time. Borini had chased and hassled the United centre halves throughout the first half which lead to them making a few mistakes. They had no such problem in the second half, in fact, I doubt they will have many easier halves of football in the rest of there careers. I was disappointed to read Dick’s comments today about bringing Fletcher on because Borini couldn’t hold the ball up. Whilst this isn’t the strongest part of Borini’s game it certainly isn’t Fletcher’s either. I haven’t seen anything in the last three years to suggest that Fletcher can do that job well at all.
I can’t for the life of me understand why Watmore and Gooch aren’t on the bench. I’m not saying they’re the answer to our prayers but they at least would offer us something in the second half that most of the squad can’t. They would inject some pace and energy into our game and there is only really Yedlin, who should have started right midfield on Saturday in my opinion, who could do that.