Sunderland Echo – Wise Men Say Analysis –20/10/14 – Hopeless Cats worth none of our tears

Today’s column comes from Craig Clark.


WHY Sunderland? Why always us? Why do we have to be the club humiliated time and again, publicly and shamefully?


Just to make things that bit more special, the latest in a growing list of gloriously ignominious defeats came against a side who have no right to be scoring eight times in a competitive Premier League match.


I know it happens to other clubs and even nations too – Brazil managed to concede seven on home soil in a World Cup – but we seem to collapse and crumble more than anyone else.


Not so long ago, a less than average Aston Villa put six past us. Going further back, the likes of Everton and Chelsea have put seven past us, but none of those performances felt quite so hapless as this latest surrender at St Mary’s.


Maybe they were though.


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