SPECIAL EPISODE: Wise Men Say meets Sir Bob Murray

We were invited to the magnificent Beacon of Light to speak to former Sunderland chairman Sir Bob Murray about his new book I’d Do It All Again, which covers his life story from humble beginnings in Consett to becoming the man that masterminded Sunderland’s move to a new stadium, a new training ground, helping build Wembley Stadium and St George’s Park and establishing the Foundation of Light alongside the Beacon of Light itself.

Proceeds from all book sales will go to Foundation of Light, Sunderland AFC’s official charity, supporting their ‘Heart on Your Sleeve’ campaign, which aims to bring supporters together to live happier and healthier lives.

North East football fans are notorious for their passion and the Foundation channels that energy to help make a difference to lives across Wearside.

Recent studies have shown that health inequalities in the UK are getting worse, with the gap between the North East and the South of England worsening. People in communities across our region are living shorter lives; spending most of them in poor health.

Foundation of Light works with up to 20,000 young people and families every year and aim to tackle these issues, encouraging parents and grandparents to stay both physically and mentally active to inspire the next generation to do the same.

Through various initiatives and programmes and links with Sunderland AFC, the Foundation gives families the opportunity to access sports and fitness sessions, mental health resources and experience the facilities at the Beacon of Light community hub.

Lance Hardy started writing ‘I’d Do It All Again’ with Sir Bob in 2019. It was completed with the help of his editor and friend Ian Preece after his untimely death in August 2021.

‘I’d Do It All Again’, is available now online and at the Beacon of Light and SAFC stores. 100% of proceeds from sales of the autobiography will go to the Foundation of Light.

Buy the book from www.sirbobmurraybook.com