New Website, New Ventures, New Partnerships and More Podcasts!

First of all, welcome to our new website. Here you’ll find all of the latest podcasts and opinion pieces from the Wise Men Say team. We’re really excited to announce our new partnership with A Love Supreme…


The Sunderland AFC fanzine, A Love Supreme, have teamed up with the Wise Men Say podcast, to create a bigger audience for the popular weekly spoken blog. The two parties have enjoyed a strong and active relationship during the last two seasons and subsequently feel an official partnership is beneficial for both.


ALS Editor Martyn McFadden explained: “We’ve been getting more and more involved with the production of the excellent Wise Men Say podcast, so it just seems like a natural progression to join forces on this project, so we can promote it directly to our readers and also offer another form of media to them. We did something similar with Ready To Go a number of years ago when we merged message boards and that’s still ongoing with the SMB.”


“It’s great that Sunderland fans have so many forms of media that they can access, get information and entertainment from and also interact through. A Love Supreme is now the only printed fanzine available in the region, now that even the NUFC fanzines have gone digital. But we also have the most popular fan website, our facebook and twitter accounts and now we can also add the podcast to our portfolio.”


Stephen Goldsmith from Wise Men Say added: “We’re thrilled with the way the podcast has caught on and we’re extremely grateful to fans for their support. We constantly try to improve the content for our listeners and provide debate and insight as an alternative to some of the generic stuff that often gets broadcast.”


“Joining forces with ALS was a no brainer for us; the publication is synonymous with supporting Sunderland and with their added help we can continue to grow and evolve to the benefit of the fans. We also plan to do more live podcasts with an audience asking questions, like the ones we broadcast from the Isis last season.”


There are a few changes to the WMS ‘service’, but all for the better. Promise!




Some of you may be aware that we’re now involved in the production of Sun FM’s ‘Into The Light’ show. It’s presented by our own Stephen Goldsmith, produced by Gareth Barker and we join former Sunderland striker Michael Proctor in the studio. The show is available every Thursday evening from about 7pm. You can subscribe on iTunes, to the RSS feed, or listen via the Sun FM website. This will be the regular pre-match podcast.


As a result of this change, we have moved the Wise Men Say podcast, in association with A Love Supreme, to a Monday evening. If you didn’t know already, then you can subscribe on iTunes, listen or stream on Soundcloud, or use the RSS Feed to subscribe and listen.




The website gives us the vehicle to start hosts opinion pieces, which is nice. We’ll have regular stuff from ourselves, as well as submissions from others. We’ll be continuing our regular column in The Durham Times, which is out every Thursday. We’ll also be contributing a piece to The Sunderland Echo every Friday and Monday, so keep an eye out for those!


We love doing what we do. We’d always planned on getting a website up and running, and we couldn’t have got all this stuff on the go without a bit of help. Massive thanks to Salut! Sunderland and The Roker Report for giving us a platform, Spark Sunderland who we continue to work with, and to all of our guests and contributors in the 18 months we’ve been producing the show.


If you would like to get in touch then you can email us on¬†, or via Twitter. You’ll notice that it is handily positioned on the right side of the page.


Big thanks to Paul Scott for designing the website, we thinks it looks canny good!


Cheers and enjoy!


Stephen, Gareth and Craig