Durham Times Column – 31/10/14 – Microcosm of misery darkening the mood on Wearside

This week’s column comes from Gareth Barker.


MOMENTS of calamity are becoming all too frequent. We all know that’s part and parcel of being a Sunderland supporter. We’ve probably got more memorable moments of misery to laugh about over a pint than moments of glory. That’s certainly the case for my generation, anyway.


However, it’s a bit more painful when they come in quick succession. Couple that with the manner of the defeats in the last fortnight and its understandable that people are getting slightly tetchy. I like to try and maintain a sense of perspective. We were doing okay before the last two games, and football can change quickly.


 A win at Selhurst Park isn’t impossible. Things would look a lot brighter should it occur.


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