Cans & Megbus – Your indispensable guide as Sunderland travel to Accrington Stanley!

Tom Walsh gives us the lowdown on The WHAM Stadium ahead of Sunderland's visit this weekend

Remember when we first relegated to League One and we all thought how funny it’d be to go to Accrington Stanley for an away game? I guess that kind of attitude comes with the optimism of thinking we’d only be in this miserable division for a season. Saturday marks our sixth (SIXTH!!!) visit to Andy Holt’s cavalcade of roofless wonder.

Here at Cans & Megabus we’ve grown incredibly tired of being gauged £25 English pounds to stand on We’re Not Chelsea, You Know FC’s knackered terrace as the January elements pour down. While at first it was a novelty to be the star attraction for these little clubs, it has grown very old, very fast and we’re all just oh so very tired of being the carnival act for the likes of Accrington.

Yes, yes, I know, if you don’t like it, you should build a team capable of being promoted. Well, thanks, but last time Cans & Megabus we are – still – not in charge of this loser of a club. Maybe it’s too much to ask to one day not have to make the journey to Accrington praying that the weather holds off because we don’t want whatever the next strain of flu is.

I guess the plus side is that it’s still 1982 in Accrington, so you can get a pint for under £2 and, after all, that’s the only reason we’re here.

How Do I Get There?

For you losers driving down, take the A1(M) to junction 60 and then A61, A59, A671 and A680 into Accrington following the signs for the Crown Ground. There’s a small car park at the ground but you’re probably better off just looking for street parking.

If you really need better directions then its BB5 5BX on your loser sat nav.

It’s pretty easy to get to Accrington by train. There’s regular services from Leeds, York and Manchester and the station is only a 25-minute walk or so from the ground.

What’s the Ground Like?

As you all know, Accrington Stanley are definitely not Chelsea. However, unlike the vast majority of teams in the Football League that are not Chelsea, Accrington are steadfast in their belief that this means stadium stands don’t require a roof. Naturally, rain is forecast for this Saturday in this sleepy corner of Lancashire so if you’re in the Coppice End terrace, you’re going to get wet.

The more bourgeois supporters can opt for a ticket in the covered Eric Whalley Stand and you can laugh at your fellow Sunderland supporters getting drenched.

Yer thirsty?

Accrington have some kind of mini fanzone outside the ground on matchdays which sells incredibly cheap pints of beer and some scran as well. So, that’s good. Close to the ground The Grey Horse Hotel and The Castle – both on Whalley Road – are decent choices if you fancy a couple of light ales.

If you’re arriving into the train station, there is a good selection of boozers in the town centre. Grants Bar on Manchester Road serves up an abundance of local beers, brewed on the premises, and some canny nice pizzas. There’s also The Commercial on Church Street for all of your Wetherspoons needs.

What’s This Place Like?

If you like catching pneumonia in the driving rain, then come on down to Accrington!