Cans & Megabus – Your indispensable guide to Sunderland’s trip to Shrewsbury!

Sunderland are back on their travels on Tuesday night - next up, Shrewsbury

Since Sunderland’s merry band of total losers are travelling to Shrewsbury Town, we at Cans & Megabus are contractually obliged to say that Shrewsbury is nice. It’s a very nice place and this esteemed columnist once had a lovely afternoon there. It was one of the few towns in this hellscape of a division that we pondered to come back again even when our pathetic football team was not playing.

But what about Shrewsbury Town? Do you not have anything to say about them? Well, no actually. As a column committed to doing the absolute bare minimum of research, all we can remember is that time that Shrewsbury once beat an Everton featuring a small Wayne Rooney.

Anyway, that was thousands ago and despite this Shrewsbury Town team being just utterly terrible, you can guarantee they’ll somehow conspire to gain all three points against Lee Johnson’s boys.

How Do I Get There?

It’s very funny how long it takes to get to Shrewsbury, it’s inexplicably almost five hours away. Anyway, if you’re driving take the A1(M) and M1 to junction 28 before joining the A38 and then the M54, A5 and B4380 following the signs for the Montgomery Waters Meadow. There’s a car park at the ground for £10, if you can’t get in there don’t blame me.

For you sat nav losers, it’s SY2 6ST.

Shrewsbury train station is absolutely thousands away from the ground. While it is a very pleasant 40-minute walk through the leaf-swept streets of this corner of Shropshire, a taxi will only cost you about a fiver. Alternatively, you can get a Football Special bus from the town centre bus station.

What’s the Ground Like?

If you could draw a picture of what life in League One is like then it’d be the Montgomery Water Meadow. An intensely boring stadium, built nowhere near anything and home to a completely non-descript inoffensive football team. They do have a small safe standing section which is good, but ultimately, very boring.

Yer thirsty?

It’s slim pickings for you thirsty rascals looking for refreshment near the stadium with the nearby Wild Pig on Mill Street probably your only option. Cans & Megabus, however, would heartily recommend a few jars in the incredibly pleasant town centre. The Loggerheads on Church Street is a charming little boozer, The Bull’s Head at Castle Gates has a host of cask ales for you flat beer fanatics and The Alb on Smithfield Road has been cranking out delicious pints since 1824.

Honestly, what more could you possibly want?

What’s This Place Like?

If you’re the kind of person that likes York but would prefer it to be nearer to Wales, then you’re going to love Shrewsbury!