Cans & Megabus – Your essential guide to Sunderland’s trip to Fleetwood Town

Tom Walsh continues his guide to all the sorry outposts in League One with a trip to Fleetwood Town!

There was a time when Fleetwood Town would be one of the most reprehensible football clubs in the cesspit that is League One. 

Managed by Joey Barton – famous for describing the town as “a shithole” and stating that the people of Fleetwood had “nothing going on with their lives” to somehow inspire his players – employing Ched Evans and run by mega Tory Andy ‘I’ll pull the club’s funding if you vote for Jeremy Corbyn’ Pilley, the Cod Army were a truly loathed club.

Evans was kicked out of the club by Barton, who himself was then sacked for being terrible, is now continuing to fail miserably at Bristol Rovers and has yet another court appearance coming up. Pilley is still there, happily appointing professional Yorkshireman Simon Grayson to bring the club back down to lower half League One mediocrity where they rightfully belong.

The only plus side to Fleetwood is that, considering it is home to the delicious Fisherman’s Friend factory, everyone in the entire town has incredibly fresh breath. So contrary to what little Joey thinks, the people do have at least that going on in their lives.

How Do I Get There?

It’s a pain in the arse to drive to Fleetwood but if you are, you’ll need the A1(M) and then the A66 across to Cumbria before taking the M6 down towards Preston. Leave for the A586 and then A585 and follow the signs for Fleetwood. There’s plenty of street parking around the ground so just leave it there.

For you sat nav lovers it’s FY7 6TX.

If you’re on the train, then you’ll most likely arrive at Blackpool North station and from there you’ll need to get on the tram, like an utter loser. Get off at either Lindel Road or Stanley Road and it’s a short walk from there.

What’s the Ground Like?

Not bad actually. Aside from stealing the name from Arsenal, Highbury Stadium is pretty smart and, if you’re lucky, you may even find a nest of starlings in the away end like I did on my last visit. Sunderland fans will be in the Percy Ronson terrace and then a few more in the seats to your right.

Yer thirsty?

If you decide against doing your drinking in the myriad of just awful pubs in Blackpool, then you can always swing by The Strawberry Gardens on Poulton Road which is the self-proclaimed away fans pub. At the other end of Poulton Road you’ll find Queens or if you venture into Fleetwood ‘town centre’ you can fill up Tim Martin’s bank account at The Thomas Drummond on London Street.

What’s This Place Like?

Just imagine a somehow worse version of Blackpool that smells of both fish and mints.

Tom Walsh