Cans & Megabus – Your essential guide for Sunderland’s trip to Oxford!

Tom Walsh gives you the lowdown on the Kassam Stadium

It’s the business end of the season, we’ve all done run-in predictors using a Grimsby Town fansite, so I guess there’s nothing more to say than: Karl Robinson is a massive loser. You’d think it would be hard to find someone more tragic than Lee Johnson and Gareth Ainsworth but Robinson manages to do it in abundance.

Aside from wearing a waistcoat on the touchline (shoutout to other massive football manager loser Gareth Southgate), Robinson has the uncanny knack of taking his loser antics to new levels. Imagine being that much of a loser that you get insanely wound up by someone called Trevor Kettle, or phoning the police on someone because you lost a game of football.

It takes something quite extraordinary to make Lee Johnson look like a picture of calm in any circumstance, thereby cementing Karl Robinson’s status forever as an enormous loser.

How Do I Get There?

It takes ages to get to Oxford but if you insist on £1.80 a litre in petrol money then just follow these helpful instructions. Take the A1(M), M1 and M40 to junction 9 when you need to exit for the A34 and then A4074 following the signs for the Kassam Stadium. There’s parking available at the ground, and you may even be able to keep an eye on your car while watching the match.

It’s OX4 4XP for you losers who need a sat nav to get everywhere.

Oxford Railway Station is hilariously far away from the stadium, so you can get either the 12, 16, 3A or 5 bus from the town centre.

What’s the Ground Like?

It’s incredibly funny that Oxford have got so bored of having a stadium in the middle of nowhere with only three stands, that they’ve just given up on it. So instead of, yer know, completing the Kassam Stadium, The U’s are in the process of building an entirely new stadium in a different part of the city.

So cherish your day out staring at a car park and a bowling alley next to the away section because one day it’ll all be a pleasant memory.

Yer thirsty?

Don’t get me wrong, we at Cans & Megabus love drinking in a bowling alley as much as the next handsome columnist but we’d be remiss to not recommend some actually nice pubs in Oxford. Since the ground is miles away from pretty much anything then you can take your pick of the excellent hostelries Oxford has to offer.

The Bear Inn on Alfred Street is the oldest pub in Oxford dating back to 1242, so might be nice to have a pint in, I dunno. If you want to enjoy delicious refreshment in the same spot that absolute nerds like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis drank in then head down to The Eagle and Child on St Giles’.

Alternatively, The Royal Blenheim and the cute nano pub of Teardrop are also good shouts if you like your beer brewed nearby.

What’s This Place Like?

If you like an away day that is far better in theory than it is in practice, then come on down to Oxford!