Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Good times for a change, that’s what we had on Saturday. Sure, there’s been some good moments to savour this season but there’s also been plenty of set backs. The win over Chelsea felt like we were washing those disappointments away as the Stadium of Light overflowed with emotion. A great atmosphere is best created when there’s a constant rumbling, wall of noise and not just chants repeated over and over again. That roar reached it’s crescendo when Jermain Defoe put us in the lead, just seconds after Fabio Borini had pulled us level.  The noise that greeted Defoe’s winner was special and a true “I was there moment.” Now we have to make sure that moment doesn’t count for nothing. We have to finish the job.


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Black Cats Confidence Needs To Remain High Despite Stoke Setback

The Stoke game was bad, we can all agree on that. Whether you’re an optimist who sees it just as a bad day at the office or a pessimist who takes it as a sign that we’re about to drop, both sets of thinkers can agree that we need to do better. So will it be the clouds continuing to gather for a dark storm or will it be broken up by rays of sunshine? Rays that were perhaps first broken by Jermain Defoe’s last gasp penalty.


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The Roadrunner’s Return Couldn’t Come At A Better Time

In the spring of 2014, Sunderland found themselves in a far worse position than they currently do. Written off by pundits, fans and even their own manager – who said they’d need a miracle to survive. As we all know, Sunderland achieved that miracle and pulled off arguably the greatest of great escapes, with Connor Wickham’s inspired run of form being one of the catalysts to survival. We perhaps don’t need a similar amount of divine intervention this time around, but the lads are going to need some inspiration to achieve Sam Allardyce’s target of 38 points and remain in the Premier League nirvana for another year.


To take eight points from five games sounds simple enough but not when you’re a side whose only taken thirty from thirty three. The more options available though, the more chance Sunderland have of going on another great run of late season form. Whilst the usual starting front three of Jermain Defoe, Wahbi Khazri and Fabio Borini has looked dangerous and potent, there hasn’t been much depth behind them. Jeremain Lens has been inconsistent at best, Dame N’Doye has struggled to make an impact and Ola Toivonen has become the forgotten man. With that in mind, it was very pleasing to see Duncan Watmore not just return to action at Norwich but to also look a constant threat going forward and grab himself a goal. Not bad timing, either.

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BLOG: Yann M’Vila Must Return To The Party At Norwich

We’ve had a few players over the years who’ve managed to split opinions of supporters fairly drastically. Bendtner, Cattermole, Cana to name a few. The latest of which appears to be Yann M’Vila. To some he is untouchable and to others he offers little. Which is it then?


Initially I was hugely impressed. He seemed to have a definite air of quality, and managed to impose himself on games. Was he genuinely quality, or was it the comparative dross around him making him stand out? It seemed to be the former. From his debut in the debacle against (ironically) Norwich, he looked a cut above the rest.


It went on; he scored a cracker at Villa, was instrumental in the win against Newcastle and generally impressed in the centre of midfield. His passing can be, and was certainly at the beginning of the season, fantastic. He is a also a character, something that is loved here on Wearside.


So then, he must be signed permanently. Surely that’s the opinion of everyone? Well it turns out it wasn’t. I was talking to more and more People in the pubs after the game that just didn’t seem to “get” him. The consensus from those were that he simply didn’t offer enough, and “what does he actually do?”.

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Only Love (And Sunderland) Can Hurt Like This

“Typical Sunlun” is a phrase uttered by thousands on Wearside on an almost weekly basis.


In a season where the Premier League hierarchy is being threatened by upstarts such as Leicester and West Ham, Sunderland are doing their best to maintain the status quo by continuing to be a bit shit and battle against relegation.


As usual, we find ourselves anxiously checking other results and working out their significance to Sunderland’s annual quest to avoid the drop.


But this time, something feels different, very different. I’m not sure I understand why, but I quite like it. I think.


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If Sitting On A One Goal Lead Won’t Work, Sunderland Need To Score Their Way To Safety

Crystal Palace away and Manchester United at home. Those two games account for a third of our wins this season. They’re also the only two games we’ve won by one goal. For a team in the relegation places, you’d be forgiven for thinking that most of our games have hinged on the odd goal but, for the most part, that hasn’t been the case. Our wins over Stoke and Newcastle were aided by opposition red cards, but the victories against Swansea and Aston Villa showed something different. We reacted to the opposition pegging us back by outscoring them and if clean sheet’s are going to continue to elude us, that’s something we have to rediscover.


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BLOG: It’s Now or Never…

After the storm, the calm. Sunday lunchtime’s Tyne-Wear derby, billed by many as the biggest meeting between Newcastle United and Sunderland in a generation, did not have the all-encompassing ramifications many foresaw. A 1-1 draw, and an archetypal game of two halves, resulted in both sides being little better off in a battle against relegation that is slowly reaching its denouement.


Whilst a draw in an away derby is never a point to be sniffed at – not least one that stifled the vaunted ‘Rafa Revolution’ on Tyneside – Sunderland left the home of their neighbours scratching their heads for the fourth time in as many games.


Three consecutive matches have now seen three points squandered into one; before that, one misstep by Patrick Van Aanholt allowed West Ham to wrest all three points from their former manager. Sam Allardyce’s current mood must be bordering on apocalyptic.


It is over five months now since Allardyce and his supposedly archaic brand of football strolled through the ever-revolving manager’s door at the Stadium of Light. Dick Advocaat having lost his way, as so many had before, Allardyce was a throwback to basics; a necessary evil for a club in no position to moan about watching shoddy football.

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The Biggest Tyne-Wear Derby In Years & Unflushable Turds

Whenever your manager speaks ahead of a derby game, you always think he “gets it”. You get that wrapped up with the emotion of it all, most words that reference the importance of the game can’t help but strike a chord with you. Di Canio even banged on about the civil war and the battle of Boldon Hill (which we won with some help from our Scottish friends).


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Adam Johnson – A Disgraceful Situation

Firstly, I want to clarify that these are views and my views alone. There are other writers at WMS and they may agree or disagree with me, privately or publicly. It’s a ramble. I don’t even know how articulate it is, but it’s how I feel and I wanted to get it down on paper so to speak. It’s been eating me away for over a year.


Sick to my stomach.


When Adam Johnson was arrested on child sex offences last March and subsequently charged, my gut feeling was that I didn’t want to see him in a red and white shirt until the end of his trial. I couldn’t enjoy games. I left one game, Southampton at home, when he appeared from the bench. It didn’t seem right to me. The severity of the charges meant I couldn’t accept that this man could play on for Sunderland during the course of the legal process.


Some will say ‘innocent until proven guilty’. I understand that. At times in the last year I’ve thought yeah, fair enough. The length of time between arrest, charge and then trial is so long there’s not a lot else the club could do. On the other hand, no. When I can’t celebrate a goal by a player in the team I love then there’s a problem. I spend the vast majority of my spare time involved with Sunderland AFC. They are my leisure time and my second love.

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Yann M’Vila, I Love You But I’ve Been Hurt Before

Ki Sung Yueng, Danny Rose, Fabio Borini. What do they have in common? They’re all loan players i’ve fallen for, who’ve later gone on to break my heart (until Fabio saw sense, anyway). I’ve even allowed myself to become infatuated with the more enigmatic temporary signings, such as Djibril Cisse and Nicklas Bendtner, but their relationship with us was always going to be a one that burnt out pretty quickly. I’d sworn to myself that i’d never let another loan player get under my skin, that was before Yann M’Vila walked in though.


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